Antidepressants, Osteoporosis, & What Conventional Psychiatry Gets Wrong w/ Dr. Aruna Tummala, MD + BoneCoach™

Could your antidepressants, especially SSRIs, be a hidden culprit behind weakening bones and osteoporosis, especially if you’re navigating postmenopause? What exactly is “holistic psychiatry,” and how could it revolutionize your understanding of mental health? Want to know which of your go-to foods are silently undermining your bones and mental clarity? Dive into this episode for … Continued

Coconut Protein Pancake | GF | BoneCoach™ Recipes

Looking for a healthy twist on a breakfast classic? Here it is! Our Coconut Protein Pancake recipe is sure to be a new favorite. Thanks to the coconut flour base and the addition of collagen, these pancakes are brimming with protein and bone-healthy nutrients such as potassium, iron, selenium, and manganese. Because this recipe comes … Continued

Silky Steamed Eggs | GF, DF | BoneCoach™ Recipes

Stuck in a boring breakfast rut? This will mix it up! Our Silky Steamed Eggs recipe is an elevated, high-protein breakfast dish that anyone can enjoy. This silky custard is not only packed with bone-boosting nutrients, like calcium and vitamin D, it’s also paleo-friendly, keto-friendly, gluten-free, and dairy-free. Give it a try today! Silky Steamed … Continued

Cilantro Cabbage Slaw | GF, DF | BoneCoach™ Recipes

Looking for a tasty way to add more veggies to your meals? This is it! Our Cilantro Cabbage Slaw recipe is the perfect side dish. Its naturally sweet and tangy dressing is light, fresh, and a delightful compliment to the crunchy cabbage. Plus, this slaw is rich in vitamin K, calcium and magnesium, all of … Continued

Keto Collagen Cookies | GF | BoneCoach™ Recipes

Looking for a sweet treat that’s secretly good for you and your bones? Look no further! Our Keto Collagen Cookies recipe will satisfy the biggest sweet tooths and the pickiest palettes. With just six simple ingredients, you and your family can enjoy dessert without compromising your health or your bone-building goals. Infused with the power … Continued

Rising Cause Of Osteoporosis. Hyperparathyroidism Stealing From Your Bones? w/ Dr. Jamie Mitchell, MD (Norman Parathyroid Center) + BoneCoach™

You’ve likely heard about the thyroid, but did you know there’s something called the parathyroid, too? Could these four rice-sized glands be trouble for your bones without you knowing? More importantly, how can you tell if they are working against you causing bone loss and osteoporosis and what can you do about it? Join me … Continued

Chilled Chicken & Cucumber Salad | GF, DF | BoneCoach™ Recipes

Looking for a quick and refreshing salad recipe? Here it is! Bursting with flavor and bone-boosting ingredients, our Chilled Chicken and Cucumber Salad will leave you feeling refreshed and energized. Packed with Vitamin K and protein, this dish is as healthy as it is delicious. It’s topped with a bright, nutty dressing that elevates it … Continued

Metabolic Health, Gut Health, & Osteoporosis w/ Andrea Nicholson + BoneCoach™

For most, the word “metabolism” brings thoughts of burning calories and losing weight… But metabolic health is SO much more than that. Surprisingly, even the strength of your bones and the function of your digestive system are linked to metabolic health. Join me for this conversation with Andrea Nicholson, a former crime scene investigator turned health practitioner who now channels … Continued

Simply Pan-Seared Zucchini | GF, DF | BoneCoach™ Recipes

Searching for a tried and tested way to prepare perfectly tender zucchini? This is it! Our Simply Pan-Seared Zucchini recipe will soon become your favorite no-fuss side dish. Requiring just zucchini, sea salt, and avocado oil, you can enjoy this easy recipe without a long list of pantry items or fancy ingredients. Zucchini, a versatile … Continued

Mango Avocado Salsa | GF, DF | BoneCoach™ Recipes

Most people think salsa is just for tortilla chips… Not anymore! We put a creative spin on traditional salsa and added bright, bone-supporting ingredients to make our Mango Avocado Salsa. Sweet, tangy, and fresh, our version is extremely versatile and can be served many ways. Our favorite way is on top of almost ANY wholesome source of … Continued