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The Bone Coach Podcast | Dr. Cathy Goldstein Lymphatics | Osteoporosis & Bone Health | Bone Loss Podcast

Have you ever wondered why your lymph nodes become swollen or painful when feeling under the weather?

Did you know that your lymphatic vessels directly participate in bone regeneration, creating a fascinating connection between your lymphatic system and conditions like osteoporosis?

Want to harness the ancient wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine to support your modern health needs?

If these questions have sparked your interest, you’re in for a treat with this episode!

I sat down with Dr. Cathy Goldstein, an experienced Acupuncture Physician with over three decades of experience in integrative and energy medicine. Together, we delve into the mysteries of the lymphatic system, its surprising relationship with bone health, the role of traditional Chinese medicine in maintaining wellness, and how our skin mirrors our overall health.

Tune in now to explore these intriguing topics and unearth a whole new perspective on health and wellness.

Episode Timeline

0:00 – Episode start

2:57 – How did Dr. Cathy Goldstein get into holistic medicine?

4:39 – What is the lymphatic system and what role does it play in your overall health?

10:40 – How to identify if there’s an issue with your lymphatic system?

14:51 – What is lymphedema?

15:52 – What surprising connection exists between the lymphatic system and conditions like osteoporosis?

17:12 – Did you know that lymphatic vessels directly participate in bone regeneration?

18:31 – What are the benefits of lymphatic drainage massage?

20:38 – What tools can people use to help improve their lymphatic health?

21:32 – What are lymphatic stones and how are they different from lymphatic massage?

24:11 – What is acupuncture?

25:50 – What sets traditional Chinese medicine apart from Western medicine and functional medicine?

28:13 – How does your skin reflect your overall health, and how can you achieve healthy skin?

33:30 – What are the key takeaways and tips from this episode?

36:18 – Where can you find Dr. Cathy Goldstein to learn more about lymphatic health?

Resources Mentioned

**Show notes @

You can find Dr. Cathy Goldstein’s resources below!

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About Dr. Cathy Goldstein:

Dr. Cathy Goldstein is an Acupuncture Physician who has been practicing integrative medicine, energy medicine, and has been incorporating the latest scientific discoveries to treat her patients since 1988.

Her commitment to health care stems from her personal experiences. She was on a path to medical school when she had to be hospitalized for several months with multiple surgeries to save her life due to an autoimmune disease. During this long-term illness, Cathy turned to the ancient art of Chinese Medicine. After she received Acupuncture treatments, her health started turning around. At this point, Cathy realized that medical school was not her path. She knew that addressing the underlying health issues and treating the person as a whole was the sure way to health. She turned her focus to her career as a Chinese medicine physician specializing in body-mind advanced therapies and frequency healing through bio-photon energy fields.

Cathy has a special interest in functional medicine and functional skincare and believes your skin is a direct reflection of your health. She loves helping people rejuvenate their cells and bring health and vitality to the entire body through the liquid nervous system.

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