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The Bone Coach Podcast | Osteoporosis and Stem Cells with Christian Drapeau | Bone Loss Podcast

Stem cell therapy is a groundbreaking approach that has shown immense promise, yet it still lacks widespread adoption.

Might it offer hope for those suffering from debilitating conditions like osteoporosis or osteopenia?

And as we age, is there a way to naturally boost our stem cells?

We’ll explore these fascinating questions in today’s episode!

Don’t miss my full conversation with Christian Drapeau, a pioneering scientist, author, and the Chief Science Officer at StemRegen. He’ll explain how stem cells act as the body’s natural repair system, how our lifestyle impacts their effectiveness, and the powerful role that certain plants play in enhancing stem cell activity.

Episode Timeline

0:00 – Episode start

2:30 – A closer look at Christian Drapeau’s background and expertise

3:50 – How Christian developed a passion for stem cells and why he chose this field

8:03 – Basic explanation of stem cells, their role in the body, and support for bone health

10:42 – Factors influencing stem cell differentiation

11:21 – Impact of inflammation, poor sleep, and high stress on stem cell environment

14:07 – Ways to test for healthy stem cell production and regeneration

17:20 – Supporting the natural role of stem cells in tissue repair

18:52 – Specific plants that impact stem cell numbers and how they work

23:56 – The development of StemRegen and its ingredients

27:21 – Interesting and unexpected findings in stem cell research

30:01 – Future advancements in stem cell research and potential applications

33:40 – Where to find StemRegen and how to connect with Christian on social media

Resources Mentioned

**Show notes @

You can find Christian’s resources below!

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About Christian Drapeau:

Christian Drapeau is a scientist, author, medicinal plant expert, and pioneer in the field of stem cell research.  He holds a graduate degree in Neurophysiology and has been involved in medical research for 30+ years, the last 20 specifically dedicated to stem cells.

He pioneered the understanding that stem cells constitute the body’s natural healing and repair system and has traveled the world in search of the most powerful plants that support stem cell function and enhance the body’s regenerative potential. Having written 5 books, including the best-selling “Cracking the Stem Cell Code,” as well as dozens of published scientific papers on brain research and the biological process he coined “Endogenous Stem Cell Mobilization,”and having lectured in 50+ countries, Drapeau is known by scientists, physicians, and biohackers alike as an expert and pioneer of his field. 

A scientific advisor to many companies, he is currently the Founder and Chief Science Officer at STEMREGEN where he developed the most potent plant-based stem cell supplement.

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