About Us

Mission , Vision, & Values

Mission , Vision, & Values

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to help women all over the world address bone loss, build bone strength, and move from a life of fear, overwhelm, and defeat...to a life of education, empowerment, and confidence.

Too many people who are diagnosed with osteoporosis and osteopenia are induced into a state of panic, fear, and anxiety… only to be left with the options of calcium, vitamin D, walking, and bone drugs. There's so much more to be done than that!

We want to help them do everything they possibly can to address bone loss and build bone strength naturally.

And for those who have already chosen to take medication or have decided that’s the right approach for them, we’re not here to pass judgement...everyone is welcome here! It’s our goal to educate, to empower, to provide support and guidance regardless of the path you and your doctor determine is best for you.

To Help Is Our Mission

We don’t believe in hyped-up claims or unethical guarantees (i.e. bone density improvements and “reversing” osteoporosis). Instead, we believe in science and simplicity - a sensible, evidence-based approach that helps people make actionable progress toward improving their bone health.

We also don’t believe improving our bone health should be boring and daunting…We want to be a source of hope and a guiding light to better health and active futures filled with friends, family, adventures, and enjoyment.

Our goal is to support those struggling with osteopenia and osteoporosis...

And do so in a way that’s fun, inspiring, and hopeful for our clients, while making massive change in the lives of many.

That’s why BoneCoach™ exists.


Our Vision

We’re passionate about helping women everywhere address bone loss, build bone strength, and move from a life of fear and overwhelm and defeat... to a life of education, empowerment, confidence, and better bones through diet, lifestyle, exercise, and action.

Our Vision
Core Values

Our Core Values

  • Simply Act: Simplicity enables action. Action enables progress.
  • Adaptability: Respond to challenges creatively and confidently.
  • Progress: Never perfect. Always possible.
  • Health & Happiness: Well-being of self, family, team, and customer is priority #1
  • Improvement: Better ourselves and our brand.
  • Community: As we rise, bring others with us.
  • Empowerment: Every voice counts. Be heard and hear others.
  • Today Matters: Make it count.

Millions of kids are living with hunger each and every day. No Kid Hungry provides access to meals, nutritional programs, and education to help kids get the nutrients they need from a young age so they can nourish their developing bodies, prevent future health issues, and have a strong foundation for an active future. Through serving our clients and our coaching programs, we're able to help support the development of these young kids and live out our core value of "Community: As we rise, bring others with us."