Avoid This Common Cold & Flu Remedy: Natural Solutions For Better Respiratory Health w/ Dr. Nazlie Latefi + BoneCoach™

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The Bone Coach Podcast | Natural Solutions For Respiratory Health with Dr. Nazlie Latefi | Bone Loss Podcast

Looking for more than just temporary relief from colds and flu? 

Curious about an over-the-counter solution scientifically proven to target inflammation, the underlying cause of these respiratory conditions? 

This episode is just what you need!

Join me as I chat with Dr. Nazlie Latefi, a leader in cold and flu research. We discuss her innovative approach to managing respiratory illnesses and the broader health consequences of inflammation, highlighting its important link to bone health and osteoporosis.

Episode Timeline

0:00 – Episode start

1:31 – Dr. Nazlie Latefi’s professional background

2:45 – Dr. Latefi’s research on upper respiratory health and systemic inflammation 

4:00 – Studying natural molecules to control inflammation in the upper respiratory and systemic areas.

5:34 – Mask efficacy against respiratory viruses

6:41 – Understanding the respiratory barrier and its impact on overall health

8:34 – Factors that compromise the respiratory barrier

10:00 – The connection between mucosal barrier health and the immune system

13:38 – Inflammation’s link to other health issues, including osteoporosis

16:51 – Further discussion on bone health, osteoporosis, and the immune system

18:41 – Introduction to Biovanta

22:18 – Biovanta’s administration and usage

24:18 – Biovanta vs. over-the-counter medications

31:24 – A look at Biovanta’s clinical studies, effectiveness, and limitations

33:22 – Where to find Biovanta and when to use it

35:00 – Final thoughts and key takeaways 

35:28 – Where to find Dr. Nazlie Latefi

Resources Mentioned

**Show notes @ https://bonecoach.com/natural-solutions-respiratory-health-dr-nazlie-latefi-biovantaotc

You can find Dr. Nazlie Latefi’s resources below!

>> Biovanta.com

>> Instagram: @biovantaotc

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About Dr. Nazlie Latefi:

Dr. Nazlie Latefi, Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Applied Biological Laboratories, has been at the forefront of cold and flu research. She collaborates with major academic institutions and leads a team of world-renowned researchers investigating the causes of cold and flu symptoms. Dr. Latefi and her team have isolated molecules found in nature that effectively modulate and balance upper respiratory and systemic inflammation, while also maintaining optimal homeostasis in the body. Their product, Biovanta, has been proven in published peer-reviewed scientific studies and demonstrated in RDBPC clinical trials to dramatically alleviate symptoms within a few hours and shorten the duration of cold and flu by many days.

Dr. Latefi is a life sciences expert with a PhD in molecular biology and neuroscience. She has authored numerous peer-reviewed articles for scientific, business, and law journals. As an industry thought leader, she is well-informed about the regulatory aspects of over-the-counter drugs and supplement products.

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