Cellular Senescence, Senolytics, & Bone Loss w/ Dr. Nick Bitz, ND + BoneCoach™

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The Bone Coach Podcast | Dr Nick Bitz Cellular Senescence | Osteoporosis & Bone Health | Bone Loss Podcast

Curious about the newest research on the root cause of aging?

Want to know more about the interesting field of cellular senescence and how these cells can exacerbate bone loss?

Are you looking for specific suggestions you can implement right now to promote cellular health?

Then don’t skip this episode with Dr. Nick Bitz, ND of NeuroHacker Collective!

We sit down to explore cellular senescence, senolytics, bone loss and osteoporosis in this informative episode.

Episode Timeline

0:00 – Episode start

3:05 – How Dr. Nick Bitz got into this field

6:44 – What does an Ayurvedic approach to bone health look like?

13:47 – You’re a trained naturopathic physician and have a unique perspective on bone health… What does the naturopathic approach to bone health look like?

17:01 – What is cellular senescence and how is it different from autophagy? What effect do senescent cells have on bone?

21:34 – What are senolytics and any studies on senolytics and bone loss, bone health, and osteoporosis?

25:00 – What human studies exist in this area?

26:04 – What are some of the most interesting findings so far with senolytics?

30:35 – How do people feel when senescent cells are being cleared out of the body?

32:50 – Is there a connection between brain aging and senescent cells?

35:05 – How does the immune system factor in with this?

37:34 – How is anabolic resistance connected to senescent cells?

39:04 – Are there any diet and lifestyle behaviors you’d recommend related to senescent cells?

40:47 – Biggest takeaways for listeners of this episode

42:53 – Where can people find you?

Resources Mentioned

**Show notes @ https://bonecoach.com/neurohacker-collective-senolytics-osteoporosis/

You can find Dr. Nick Bitz and NeuroHacker Collective at the resources below:

>> Click HERE and use code “BONECOACH” for 15% Off On Senolytics & Neurohacker Collective Products

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About Dr. Nick Bitz, ND:

Dr. Nick Bitz is a Naturopathic Physician specializing in integrative medicine and working as Senior VP of Product Development at Neurohacker Collective. His areas of expertise include nootropics, anti-aging and Ayurveda. 

Nick has been featured in leading conversations surrounding longevity, cellular senescence, and senolytics. He loves to dive deep into the latest discoveries in aging research (cellular senescence) and senolytics and lifestyle and behavior recommendations based on that research. 

Nick joined Neurohacker Collective in September 2021 to help lead the company’s innovation efforts by creating and implementing new strategies for product development. Prior to this role, Nick was the Chief Scientific Officer at Nutrawise, and the Director of Product Development at Irwin Naturals. His formulations can be found at major retail stores (such as Sprouts, Whole Foods, Target and Costco) under the brands Irwin Naturals, Applied Nutrition, Youtheory, Trunature and Kirkland Signature.  

During his free time, Nick maintains a steady yoga and meditation practice, and enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife and daughter – traveling, hiking, camping, skiing and exploring National Parks. He also actively supports his local charities and volunteers at his daughter’s elementary school.

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