Younger For Life: Skin & Wellness Secrets From America’s Holistic Plastic Surgeon Dr. Tony Youn, MD + BoneCoach™ Osteoporosis & Osteopenia

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The Bone Coach Podcast | Skin & Wellness Secrets From America’s Holistic Plastic Surgeon Dr. Tony Youn | Bone Loss Podcast

Want to look younger without going under the knife?

Curious how your diet plays a role in your appearance?

Interested in learning about “autojuvenation” and its benefits for a youthful glow?

Dive into these topics in today’s episode.

Tune in as I chat with Dr. Tony Youn, an expert in holistic plastic surgery and the author of “Younger For Life.” We’ll discuss practical skincare strategies that naturally support and enhance skin health, contributing to a more vibrant and healthy appearance, even as we age.

Episode Timeline

0:00 – Episode start

1:22 – Who is Dr. Tony Youn?

2:35 – Dr. Youn’s journey to becoming a holistic plastic surgeon

5:05 – What Dr. Youn discusses on social media

6:54 – Follow Dr. Youn on social media

7:15 – Overview of his new book, “Younger for Life”

11:20 – Understanding aging skin: Causes and prevention

14:42 – External treatments for wrinkles: Botox and alternatives

17:44 – Reasons to opt out of Botox or injectable fillers

19:36 – The positive impact of intermittent fasting on skin health

22:27 – Importance of skincare and product recommendations

27:44 – Cost-effective cosmetic treatments: Pros and cons

29:58 – The role of collagen in aging and bone health; discussion on supplements

33:33 – Advantages of bone broth for osteoporosis

36:04 – The importance of vitamin C for skin and bone health

36:30 – Final thoughts from Dr. Youn

39:09 – The interconnection of diet, lifestyle, and health

41:41 – Where to find Dr. Youn’s book and special offers for listeners

Resources Mentioned

**Show notes @

You can find Dr. Tony Youn’s resources below!

>> Dr. Youn’s new book YOUNGER For LIFE, which includes a Companion Recipe Book, Quick Start Skin Care Guide, and a $30 gift certificate to your online store


>> Bioactive Collagen Peptides For Bones, Skin, Joints, Tendons at Healthy Bones Co.

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About Dr. Tony Youn:

Known as America’s Holistic Plastic Surgeon®, Dr. Anthony Youn, M.D., F.A.C.S., is a nationally recognized, board-certified plastic surgeon.

Acknowledged as a leader in his field, he is the author of the best-selling books “The Age Fix,” “In Stitches,” and “Playing God.” His public television special, “The Age Fix with Dr. Anthony Youn,” has been viewed by millions.

Dr. Youn also hosts the popular podcast, “The Holistic Plastic Surgery Show.” He is the most followed plastic surgeon on social media, with over 4.5 million subscribers on his YouTube Channel and 8 million followers on TikTok.

His new book, “Younger for Life,” is a comprehensive holistic guide to turning back the clock using the process of Autojuvenation®.

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