Safe Yoga, Pilates, & Exercises For Osteoporosis – Interview with Dr. Sherri Betz

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The Bone Coach Podcast | Osteoporosis, Bone Health | Yoga Pilates Osteoporosis & Physical Therapy

In my interview with Dr. Sherri Betz, we discuss how to incorporate safe yoga, pilates, exercise, and physical therapy into your osteoporosis plan and bone-building routine.



Episode Timeline

1:25: Who is Dr. Sherri Betz?

3:02: How Sherri’s developed a passion for helping people with osteoporosis (hip fracture played a role)

8:50: What are yoga and pilates?

10:58: Pilates practice is great for informing a yoga practice and to incorporate more safety

11:26: Start with pilates if you are hypermobile. If very stiff or difficulty moving, yoga may be better.

12:07: What are prerequisites for starting a yoga or pilates practice?

13:12: Can you hinge at the hips without bending at the spine… very important for protecting from fracture.

13:58: If you have back pain, it needs to be addressed before loading your bones.

14:07: How to build a safe exercise routine to avoid fracture (spine and fracture are most vulnerable)

14:44: Spine protection are fall prevention are two most important concepts

15:48: Leg strength is key.

16:34: How to challenge yourself with resistance and strength training safely (good form is a must)

17:23: What builds muscle strength also builds bone.

17:31: If you’re doing 20-30 reps of something, you’re building endurance

18:51: One of Sherri’s favorite exercises: heel raises standing on one leg

19:35: Strengthen the thoracic spine helps build bone in the spine

20:34: Difference between the lumbar spine and the thoracic spine

25:29: Distance from hip to rib could be an indicator of lumbar fracture

27:01: Why it’s important to heal properly if you have fractured

28:03: Sinaki study. Exercise is better than kyphoplasty for prevention of future fractures.

30:05: Safe exercise we be doing and which ones we should absolutely avoid

30:44: Yoga favorites: Tree pose, half moon, triangle pose (as long as you don’t let spine round), warrior 3 pose and others

32:44: Yoga poses to avoid: Forward fold, deep twist with excessive assistance with hands, pigeon pose (depends on hip mobility), overpressure, shoulder stand, and plow

36:07: Stenosis vs osteoporosis

36:28: For scoliosis… the schroth technique is helpful.

38:21: Sherri’s favorite Pilates exercises. Single-leg kick, push-ups, side bend, shoulder bridge, leg pull (great for hips and spine), the swan, double leg kick, swimming (pilates)

39:56: Sinaki research. Less fractures in those who do extension work. Greater numbers of fractures in people who practice flexion exercises.

40:29: Water exercises don’t build bone

41:13: Walking is good for maintaining bone health and for longevity and well-being but it doesn’t build bone.

41:55: Strength training builds bone and muscle strength. Endurance exercise for the heart.

42:48: Over 50 and gaining 2% bone density, even not losing, is a win.

44:19: Where to find Sherri

Resources Mentioned

—>Claim your FREE 7-Day Osteoporosis Kickstart here! (the exact information you need to accelerate your path to stronger bones now)

Show notes and resources mentioned at

>> Learn more about Dr. Sherri’s physical therapy clinics specializing in geriatric exercise, orthopedic rehabilitation, osteoporosis and in both Santa Cruz, CA and Monroe, LA

>> Click here to download the Safe Yoga, Safe Pilates, and Best & Worst Exercises for Osteoporosis resources

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Intro & Outro Transcript:

In this episode I’ll be interviewing Dr. Sherri Betz. She’s a doctor of physical therapy and a pilates instructor with extensive work in the field of geriatric orthopedics, safe yoga, and pilates-based exercises for those with osteoporosis.

Dr. Sherri Betz – Pilates, yoga, & Physical therapy for osteoporosis

She has served on the Foundation for Osteoporosis Research and Education (FORE) Professional Education Committee and the NOF Exercise and Rehabilitation Advisory Council

She is the director of TheraPilates®, a group of physical therapy clinics specializing in geriatric exercise, orthopedic rehabilitation, osteoporosis and in both Santa Cruz, CA and Monroe, LA.

Her focus and passion are in helping people with osteoporosis develop safe and effective exercise plans using pilates, yoga, physical therapy and more.

That’s why I’m really excited for you to hear what Sherri has to say and how you can start incorporating some of these things into your bone-building plan.

Before we get on with the show, I want to encourage you if you haven’t done so already to head over to and sign up for the FREE 7-day Osteoporosis Kickstart Guide… that’s going to give you everything you need to start figuring out how to build stronger bones right now… and over the course of those 7 days, I’m going to highlight some of the discoveries I’ve made relating to osteoporosis that most people, by no fault of their own just don’t know.

So, if you’re newly diagnosed or your recent DXA results still show bone loss, you’re going to want to click the link below right now to claim your FREE 7-day Osteoporosis Kickstart Guide. You’ll be glad you did.

With that being said, let’s get on with the interview.


I hope you enjoyed this episode with Dr. Sherri Betz. We covered a lot of information on physical therapy, yoga, pilates, and safe exercise for osteoporosis… 

For this episode, you can find all of the resources mentioned, show notes, and more information about Dr. Sherri Betz over at

One last thing, I want to spotlight a review I received on iTunes that really touched my heart from Cici5blue that said “I was diagnosed with osteoporosis about 6 weeks ago. Kevin’s podcast has helped to educate me on the steps I need to take to figure out why this is happening to me. There is so much information on the podcast and free resources to help get you started in learning about how you got the disease and how to go about healing. Highly recommend!”

These kinds of reviews and comments really mean a lot to me personally since this podcast is something I spend extra time on outside of working with clients and spending time with my family, so if you’ve found this episode or any of the episodes helpful, I’d love to hear from you through a positive rating or review on iTunes.

Like I always say become educated, become empowered, commit to improvement… cause that’s the only way for any of us to improve our bone health.

I think that’s it for this one…I’m your Bone Coach, Kevin Ellis, See you in the next episode!

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