Strong Bones
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FREE 7-Day Osteoporosis Kickstart. Our best research-backed tips for stronger bones.

Strong Bones
Start Here.

FREE 7-Day Osteoporosis Kickstart. Our best research-backed tips for stronger bones.

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What We Do

We’ve helped people in over 1500+ cities around the world address bone loss, build bone strength, stop fearing fracture, and lead active lives.

What We Do

Identify and address the stressors impacting your health and contributing to bone loss


Restore the nutrients needed for stronger, healthier bones through diet, digestion, and absorption


Build strength of body, mind, and bone in a way that prevents fracture and injury


How We Do It

We use a simple, 3-step process to move people from struggle and uncertainty to empowerment and confidence in their stronger bones plan.

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Who We Are

We help people every single day get the right stronger bones plan in place through world-class coaching programs and top experts in their respective fields.

Meet Our Team
What People Say About Us

Ruth B.

"This comprehensive program is absolutely stellar!"

I have been extremely pleased with Kevin’s bone health program. I greatly appreciate the level of detail and the wealth of information the program offers. I also love the community of learning Kevin has created. His expertise, along with the team of experts he has put together are exceptional! I can't say enough good things about the weekly Zoom calls - and I love learning from the community of women enrolled in the program as well!

I am so grateful for Kevin’s hard work and dedication, as well as the dedication and commitment of the experts/specialists who are part of the program. Everyone truly wants to help you in your bone health journey. This comprehensive program is absolutely stellar in my opinion! Ruth

Lisa P.

"Extremely comprehensive and incredibly valuable"

When I first saw Kevin on Facebook I was skeptical - here goes another program that professes to help with Osteoporosis. Well was I in for a huge and pleasant surprise!!

From the start Kevin has been an AMAZING coach- always responding quickly to my questions and continually guiding me. He and his team truly want what is best for all of us. He has been on this ride and it is personal for him.

His program is extremely comprehensive and incredibly valuable. I love the handouts that I can print, the many resources and especially find the Zoom calls with his experts Polina, Sherri, Amanda and Kara extremely helpful and enlightening. I could have never compiled this much information on my own. I have learned so much... Thanks so much, Kevin, for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a blessing!


Tami J.

"Every man or woman diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis would benefit"

I was diagnosed with osteoporosis at a young age and was started on drug therapy to include a bisphosphonate and later Forteo. Despite optimal therapy my DEXA scan continued to reveal bone loss. As a Nurse Practitioner I was fortunate to have an advanced understanding of the disease. Despite this advantage, I continued to struggle with ways to impact my bone health.

As an avid cyclist I lived my life in fear of falls, potential fractures and what the long- term effects of now severe osteoporosis would have on my life in my advanced years. I was looking for answers on how I could influence my bone health. This 3- step blueprint was the missing piece and has been life-changing and empowering. I now understand the 3-key components of this disease and how to apply strategies to best impact my bone health which has lead to an active lifestyle that is now free of fear. I've gone on to join Kevin and his team for his full coaching program which has had a positive impact in literally every area of my life. I believe every man or woman diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis would benefit from this comprehensive program.


Kelly A.

"Little did I know how little I knew!"

In this day and age when everyone is trying to sell you something, it is difficult to determine if something is legitimate or not. I was skeptical of the Bone Coach program at first. But I am so glad that I decided to try it. This is an extremely comprehensive program that approaches bone health from many angles. I’m a fairly fit 60-year-old. I hike, rollerblade, practice yoga, play dog agility, and have coached figure skating for 40+ years...

I Iearned that drugs alone may increase density but not necessarily bone quality or strength. Now I’m practicing an overall healthier lifestyle that strengthens my bones and leads to an overall healthier body.

Though I felt knowledgeable before, little did I know how little I knew! This method of healing the mind/body, through lifestyle changes, makes sense to me. This program is like a great behavior modification course that I took in college...only specific to osteoporosis. Since we get to keep the material (and the audios and videos) I plan to take the whole course over again starting from the beginning.


Ivy P.

"Gives you hope!"

I found Kevin and he immediately began to help me put together the pieces explaining bone health. I even met with him one on one which was super helpful, but now that I’ve joined his Bone Coach program, it’s truly incredible the wealth of knowledge, resources, and team that he put together.

It is a comprehensive program, by far the most well thought out, and clearly addresses all of the various aspects that impact your bone health. If you are considering taking part, I can’t recommend his Bone Coach program enough!


Jan C.

"So unbelievably fortunate to have discovered" this program”

I feel so unbelievably fortunate to have discovered your Stronger Bones Solution program. I am literally amazed every week with the wealth of valuable information that I am learning, thanks to you. There isn’t a part of the program that I like best, because every single component of it is so well thought out, organized, and absolutely filled with information to help us. Your team of experts that you have on board is impeccable, the lessons are so organized and well researched, the information is so well presented by you and your team—these are just some of the things about your program that I am so amazed by. Your positivity, encouragement, and sincere desire to help us is very apparent. I appreciate you and the wonderful program you have created so very much! You are empowering so many people and changing lives for the better! Thank you so very much for all of your work to make such a huge difference for so many lives!


Rebecca S.

"I felt for the first time I could actually live with this diagnosis"

This program is an incredible compilation of cutting edge medical and scientific information for bone building in an easily digestible and manageable way. I was overwhelmed and in denial when I found Kevin, and after having a one-to-one call with him, his kindness and passion shone through. I felt for the first time that I could actually live with this diagnosis and deal with it rather than running away and living in fear without any support. The experts contributing to this program are so generous with their time and knowledge. Everyone goes above and beyond to provide resources and clarity. Having access to their detailed and specific insights is just fantastic. The nutrition calls, exercise calls and stress reduction calls that happen weekly are packed full of information and the patience and pro-activeness of the team is wonderful. I cant recommend this program enough. The support is outstanding. Every question is answered and Kevin manages the entire thing in a really thorough and organised way. I really cannot express how grateful I am to be part of this. Since I started, I have made many steps to improve not just my bone health, but my health in general. It is life changing. Thank you so much for everything Kevin - you are a hero!


Laurie B.

"Truly life-changing"

After 5 years on Boniva, I was surprised when my DEXA scan showed no improvement. Not only was I faithfully taking the medication, I was exercising and eating what I thought was an adequate bone healthy diet. My doctor was straight forward when he said he was unclear as to the next approach he would take for me. Thankfully, a friend suggested Kevin’s program, which has been truly life changing. Kevin’s depth and knowledge of the subject is data driven and well balanced.

Kevin is a true “ bone coach”-quickly responding to my questions and helping me interpret results. He has given me the tools to better understand why I may have been experiencing bone loss, and what I can do to improve my bone density and overall health.

Between Kevin’s knowledge of osteoporosis and the experts/specialists he has made available to us, I feel empowered and grateful as I move forward in my bone health journey. Thank you Kevin for your commitment in providing us this priceless resource!

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