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The Bone Coach Podcast | Dr Heather Sandison Dementia Alzheimer's Prevention | Bone Loss Podcast

Have you ever wondered why some people remain mentally sharp well into their golden years while others face challenges like Alzheimer’s

Those “senior moments” we often chalk up to natural aging might not be as simple as we think. In fact, our everyday habits play a profound role in influencing both our brain and bone health.

In this episode, we’re taking a deep dive into cognitive wellness, going beyond common misconceptions to explore the real impact of our lifestyle choices. With the guidance of Dr. Heather Sandison, a leading naturopathic doctor dedicated to supporting dementia patients, we’ll journey through this fascinating subject.

From shattering myths about Alzheimer’s to uncovering the connections between mental health and bone health, we’ll learn about risk factors, prevention methods, and ways to create a protective environment for our brains.

Join us in this fascinating conversation, and discover practical insights to sharpen your mind, gain fresh perspectives on brain aging, and unlock the secrets to lifelong cognitive wellness.

Episode Timeline

0:00 – Episode start

1:14 – Meet our special guest, Dr. Heather Sandison.

3:03 – Uncover significant Alzheimer’s and dementia findings with Dr. Sandison.

6:15 – Get to know the types of patients Dr. Sandison helps in her practice.

7:32 – Navigate the intricate spectrum of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

15:26 – Reveal the surprising bone-brain health connection.

20:14 – Identify actionable steps for promoting brain health.

23:08 – Highlight key nutrients and compounds essential for brain wellness.

24:44 – Learn effective exercise techniques for brain health.

27:21 – Develop a lifestyle strategy that supports a healthy brain.

31:47 – Examine the risk of dementia associated with caregiver stress.

32:56 – Explore the promising future of Alzheimer’s and dementia research.

34:52 – Find out how to connect with Dr. Heather Sandison.

Resources Mentioned

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>> Click here to learn more about Dr. Heather on her website

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About Dr. Heather Sandison, ND:

Dr. Heather Sandison is a naturopathic doctor who has dedicated her career to supporting those suffering with dementia. She has created unique, successful solutions for patients and caregivers using clinical, residential, research and educational platforms employing holistic and multimodal interventions. 

She is the primary clinical investigator and author on the peer reviewed article “Observed Improvement in Cognition During a Personalized Lifestyle Intervention in People with Cognitive Decline” published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease in August of 2023.

At Marama, Dr. Sandison has created an immersive residential experience in the lifestyle proven to best support brain health including personalized treatment plans, sensory stimulation, engaging activities, and intensive cognitive therapies.

She is the founder of Solcere  (Soul – SAIR – eh) Health Clinic and Marama, the first residential care facility for the elderly of its kind. At Solcere, Dr. Sandison and her team of doctors and health coaches focus primarily on supporting patients looking to optimize cognitive function, prevent mental decline, and reverse dementia by addressing root causes of imbalance in the brain and body.

She also hosts the annual Reverse Alzheimer’s summit which has reached over 150k registrants. She is currently working on a book that will be published by HarperWave in 2024 to scale her impact and work towards her goal of making dementia rare and optional. She is excited to shatter common misconceptions about Alzheimer’s and share what she has learned about keeping your brain sharp at any age.

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