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The Bone Coach Podcast | Dr Izabella Wentz Thyroid Adrenal Transformation | Osteoporosis & Bone Health | Bone Loss Podcast

Curious about the connection between thyroid and adrenal function and your bones?

Wondering if you could be suffering from adrenal fatigue, but you don’t know what to do about it?

Then this episode is for YOU!

I sat down with Dr. Izabella Wentz, also known as the Thyroid Pharmacist, and we explored how thyroid and adrenal dysfunction can impact your bone health, and what protocols you should be implementing to improve fatigue, stress and anxiety levels, and live an active, energized life.

Don’t skip this enlightening episode!

Episode Timeline

0:00 – Episode start

3:30 – Most people know you as the Thyroid Pharmacist. Have you always been interested in thyroid health?

5:19 – What is the thyroid? Why is it important? How do we know if we have thyroid issues?

8:15 – The thyroid tests Dr. Izabella Wentz, Thyroid Pharmacist, likes to see run (you probably wouldn’t normally think that at least one of these relates to the thyroid!), plus what she thinks about thyroid ranges.

11:30 – What about Reverse T3?

14:33 – Your new book, Adrenal Transformation Protocol, seems like a bit of a departure from your previous work to someone that may not realize that there’s a big connection between adrenal health and thyroid health. Can you talk about that connection?

18:45 – Can you have adrenal issues even if you don’t have thyroid issues?

20:45 – How does exercise impact your adrenal health?

22:40 – What is your own personal story with adrenal dysfunction?

30:00 – Why might a conventional doctor not consider adrenal fatigue a real condition?

34:18 – What are you doing in your modern life that’s letting your body know you’re not safe? How do you send “safety signals” to your body?

37:41 – What are some absolute must-avoids with Hashimoto’s and adrenal dysfunction (dietary adjustments, circadian rhythm)?

43:08 – What are the results people have seen with your Adrenal Transformation Protocol? How long does it take to see benefits? How many people have gone through the program?

46:59 – Where can people learn more about your work?

Resources Mentioned

**Show notes @

You can find Dr. Izabella Wentz, PharmD resources below!

>> CLICK HERE to get the FREE guide, Learn How to Heal Your Adrenals and Get Your Energy Back!

>> CLICK HERE to buy The Adrenal Transformation Protocol on Amazon

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About Dr. Izabella Wentz, PharmD:

Dr. Izabella Wentz is a compassionate, innovative, solution-focused integrative pharmacist dedicated to finding the root causes of chronic health conditions. Her passion stems from her own diagnosis with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis in 2009, following a decade of debilitating symptoms.

As an accomplished author, Dr. Wentz has written several bestselling books, including the New York Times bestseller “Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause,” the protocol-based #1 New York Times best seller “Hashimoto’s Protocol: A 90-Day Plan for Reversing Thyroid Symptoms and Getting Your Life Back,” and the Wall Street Journal bestseller “Hashimoto’s Food Pharmacology: Nutrition Protocols and Healing Recipes to Take Charge of Your Thyroid Health.”

Her latest book, “Adrenal Transformation Protocol,” is set to be released on April 18th, 2023. The book focuses on resetting the body’s stress response through targeted safety signals and features a 4-week program that has already helped over 3,500 individuals. The program has an impressive success rate, with over 80% of participants improving their brain fog, fatigue, anxiety, irritability, sleep issues, and libido.

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