Cancer Prevention: The Things Each Person Should Know w/ Katrina Foe + BoneCoach™

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The Bone Coach Podcast | Nutritional Cancer Prevention with Katrina Foe | Bone Loss Podcast

Know someone with cancer and feel overwhelmed by the number of treatment options available?

Looking for dietary changes that could potentially help in cancer prevention and recurrence?

Intrigued by how certain compounds, like sulforaphane, might not only guard against cancer but also boost your bone health?

You’re in the right place!

Join me as I sit down with Katrina Foe, a board-certified holistic nutritionist and certified Metabolic Approach to Cancer practitioner. Dive into our enlightening conversation, where we unveil evidence-backed strategies, effective dietary insights, and ways to emotionally equip yourself for the healing journey ahead.

Episode Timeline

0:00 – Episode start

1:37 – Introducing our guest, Katrina Foe

2:48 – Discussing Katrina’s background and her journey in helping people prevent cancer recurrence

4:24 – Emphasizing the importance of getting to the root cause of cancer and the emotional challenges patients face

5:51 – Exploring the process of diagnosis and decision-making for cancer patients

7:03 – Outlining different treatment options and Katrina’s specific approach

10:11 – Delving into the role of diet and nutrition in cancer prevention

12:38 – Considering the ketogenic diet and specific foods for cancer prevention

14:19 – Understanding sulforaphane — a key compound for bone health by preventing osteoclast breakdown — and other important compounds for cancer prevention

15:16 – Analyzing essential lab tests for cancer concerns and monitoring

16:59 – Talking about “The Roadmap to Prevent Cancer Recurrence” ebook

19:27 – Discovering common drivers behind cancer

20:37 – Assessing the 10 terrains as root cause drivers of cancer

26:05 – Talking about matcha tea and its potential benefits

27:20 – Addressing nuanced health recommendations that may not apply to everyone

29:27 – Identifying key topics that are yet to be discussed

30:19 – Providing information on where to find Katrina and how to work with her

Resources Mentioned

**Show notes @

You can find Katrina Foe’s resources below!

>> Connect with Katrina at her main website here

>> Download the FREE Roadmap to Prevent Cancer Recurrence eBook

>> Follow Katrina on Instagram here

>> Get Katrina’s international bestselling book, Nutritional Pilates, here!

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About Katrina Foe:

Katrina Foe is a board certified holistic nutritionist, who knows that when we look at health, we should be looking at the body as a whole.

After overcoming her own cancer 100% naturally, and driven by her core belief that the body can heal itself, Katrina went on to become board certified in holistic nutrition and trained to read functional labs.

As a faculty member at Restorative Wellness Solutions, Katrina teaches practitioners to interpret
functional labs and design individualized protocols.

Katrina is also a certified Metabolic Approach to Cancer practitioner, having been trained and
mentored by Dr. Nasha Winters. Katrina’s approach to cancer addresses the root cause of the disease and empowers clients to keep it in remission without living in fear of recurrence.

In her international bestseller, Nutritional Pilates, Katrina offers a framework for whole body health that casts light on potential obstacles that can obstruct wellbeing, while providing proven strategies to sidestep chronic disease.

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