Breath & Bone Strength Connected? Simple Tweaks To This Life-Giving Activity w/ Sachin Patel + BoneCoach™

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The Bone Coach Podcast | Sachin Patel Breathwork and Bone Health | Bone Loss Podcast

Have you ever stopped to think about how you breathe? It’s something we all do without even thinking. But could there be a right or wrong way to do it? Could a small change, like breathing through your nose instead of your mouth, have a big impact on your health or even make your bones stronger?

We often take our breathing for granted, yet its influence on our well-being is profound. From stress management to bone health, the benefits of breathwork are far-reaching, but many of us are unaware of its true potential.

It’s time to challenge what you think you know about breathing.

Join us in this podcast episode with Sachin Patel, a functional medicine coach, speaker, and breathwork facilitator. During our conversation, he simplified the complexities of breathwork, making it easy to grasp. He also revealed how breathwork can enhance overall health and benefit bones. Discover the distinctions between nose and mouth breathing, learn practical techniques to improve your breath, and explore how breathwork can be a powerful tool for pain or trauma recovery.

So, are you ready to uncover the secrets of your breath and see how it can change your life? Don’t miss this episode!

Episode Timeline

0:00 – Episode start

2:18 – Get to know our guest, Sachin Patel

7:59 – Discover the art of breathwork and its difference from meditation

9:34 – Uncover the benefits of breathing through the nose versus the mouth

12:34 – Learn about the three gears of breathing during exercise

15:58 – Overcome the challenges of nasal breathing

17:26 – Explore devices to improve nasal breathing

18:25 – Learn tips to prevent mouth breathing while sleeping

21:09 – Practice specific breathing techniques supporting bone health

24:36 – Find out the different forms of daily, unconscious breathwork

28:16 – Understand coherence breathing and its benefits

31:55 – Find the connection between breathwork and bone health

34:30 – Utilize breathwork as a tool for pain management

38:01 – Recognize the importance of breathwork in trauma recovery

41:10 – Master advanced breathing techniques for incredible health breakthroughs

43:13 – Foster positive health versus preventing negative health

44:47 – Connect with Sachin Patel

Resources Mentioned

**Show notes @

You can find Sachin Patel’s resources below!

>> Visit Sachin’s Main Facebook Page

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>> Check out the Health Seeker website

>> Check out Sachin’s Practitioner Coaching website

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About Sachin Patel:

Sachin Patel is a father, husband, philanthropist, functional medicine practice success coach, speaker, author, and breathwork facilitator, and plant medicine advocate.

Sachin is convinced that, “the doctor of the future is the patient” and he has committed himself to helping others raise their consciousness, activate their inner doctor, and initiate their deepest healing through the use of lifestyle, and breathwork.

Sachin founded The Living Proof Institute through which he pioneered a revolutionary approach to patient-centered healthcare. Sachin coaches hundreds of practitioners around the world so that they are empowered to deliver affordable and inspired care to their communities through his Perfect Practice Mentorship Program.

He is an advocate of transforming the healthcare paradigm and he has devoted his life to the betterment of health care for both patients and practitioners.

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