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The Bone Coach Podcast | Exploring Ayurveda: The Natural Law with Amish Shah | Bone Loss Podcast

Tired of unanswered questions about your health, even after countless doctor visits?

Interested in the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and its role in modern health?

Would it be possible that the missing link in your osteoporosis journey has existed for thousands of years?

If you’re seeking answers, this episode is a must-watch!

Join me in an in-depth conversation with Amish Shah, the visionary behind the captivating documentary “The Natural Law.” Together, we explore the powerful connection between Ayurveda, celiac disease, and osteoporosis. Dive deep with us into the wonders of holistic health and discover how this ancient remedy could be the key to unlocking a stronger, healthier future.

Episode Timeline

0:00 – Episode introduction

2:25 – Introduction to guest Amish Shah

3:09 – Amish’s personal health journey and exploration into Ayurveda

11:47 – Reflection on childhood diet and American influences

12:52 – Effects of the Panchakarma retreat and returning health issues

13:33 – Historical background of Ayurveda and its time-tested nature

15:48 – The meaning of Ayurveda

16:07 – Differences between Ayurveda and Western medicine

16:47 – Explanation of the five elements in Ayurveda

21:13 – Introduction to the concept of Dosha in Ayurveda

23:48 – Discovery of genetic predisposition to celiac disease

26:31 – Commitment to using Ayurveda for healing

29:06 – The decision to complete The Natural Law

30:30 – The timelessness of Ayurveda knowledge

32:01 – Deep dive into celiac disease, its diagnosis, and its connection to bone health and osteoporosis

35:26 – Information on Amish’s The Natural Law

37:05 – The importance of lymphatic health

37:28 – Suggestions for maintaining lymphatic health and the role it plays in bone health

41:01 – Where to connect with Amish and learn more about his work

Resources Mentioned

**Show notes @ https://bonecoach.com/the-natural-law

You can find Amish Shah’s resources below!

>> Natural Ayurvedic remedies for the 5 ways modern life silently makes you sick. Click HERE to claim your free eBook now!

>> Connect with Amish Shah on Instagram here

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About Amish Shah:

Amish Shah is a successful entrepreneur, who was very highly driven in his younger age, encountered significant health challenges which led him to the ancient sciences and the establishment of Deep Origins. He has been featured on Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, Gaia, Dr. Oz, Virgin Unite, and various social media channels. Shah’s most recent project is an award winning documentary called “The Natural Law” and is centered on Ayurveda, accessible at thenaturallaw.com.

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