“GETTING QUIET” w/ OSTEOPOROSIS Should Be Part Of Your Healing Journey w/ Elaine Glass + BoneCoach™ Osteoporosis & Osteopenia

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The Bone Coach Podcast | 'The Get Quiet' movement by Elaine Glass | Bone Loss Podcast

Have you been doing everything “right” for your health—eating well, exercising, even trying therapy and mindfulness… but still feel like something’s missing? 

It may be time to look at healing from a different angle.

Joining me today is Elaine Glass, a visionary author and Master Life Coach who has some interesting ideas about tapping into our spiritual side for better health.

In her book “Get Quiet,” she talks about how slowing down and listening to ourselves can be a life-changing experience. Elaine shared insights on how getting in touch with your authentic self might help you deal with life’s ups and downs and help you restore and repair your mind and body – including  strengthening your bones! 

If you’re curious about a different approach to wellness, give this episode a listen. It might just open up some new possibilities for you.

Episode Timeline

0:00 – Episode start

2:25 – Introducing Elaine Glass

3:45 – Inspiration behind the book “Get Quiet” and its role as a roadmap for life transitions

5:25 – How the Get Quiet Way helps individuals discover their inner treasures 

7:03 – Life challenges addressed by the Get Quiet Way

11:10 – Importance of self-exploration alongside traditional health diagnostics

13:14 – Practical steps to start feeling better, focusing on nurturing the body and bone health

15:46 – Embracing unapologetic authenticity in daily life, especially during health challenges

17:15 – Tips on balancing family, personal growth, and career demands while staying healthy

19:32 – Importance of community and support systems in self-improvement and bone health

21:49 – Advice for beginners in self-reflection and meditation to overcome overwhelm

26:58 – Approaching life with curiosity instead of expectation to reduce disappointment

29:03 – Inspirational stories from Elaine’s clients who transformed their lives using the Get Quiet Way

32:02 – Final message to listeners on their health journey

33:53 – Information on where to find Elaine Glass and her book “Get Quiet”

Resources Mentioned

**Show notes @ https://bonecoach.com/get-quiet-way-elaine-glass-osteoporosis/

You can find Elaine’s resources below!

>> https://www.getquiet.com/

>> https://elaineglass.net/

Instagram: @elaineglass.author

Facebook: Elaine Glass

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About Elaine Glass:

Elaine Glass, a visionary author and highly experienced Master Life Coach, is renowned for her transformative retreats tailored for women navigating intricate midlife transitions. Her book, GET QUIET, will empower you to get back to feeling like yourself again! 

Driven by a profound sense of purpose, Elaine’s mission is helping people live their BEST life. Her unique approach, known as “The Get Quiet Way,” is a roadmap to discovering your inner treasures and bringing them fully up to the surface and out into the world. 

She encourages you to be who you truly want to be, feel good again in your own skin, and realize your positive influence on your family and the world.

Elaine’s deepest commitments serve as more than just inspiration, they serve as a catalyst for action. She inspires and encourages people to dive deep within, acknowledge their truths, and lead a life that is unapologetically authentic. Her journey exemplifies that it is never too late to pivot, find your voice, and make a meaningful impact on the world.

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